Saturday, 3 July 2010


After 2 months of nearly 24/7 nighters, the animation of Hundred Pacer is finally completed.
However, the movie clip will not be uploaded until the expo is finished on July 20th.
so for those who have been waiting, I'm gonna have to say sorry paitent

Here is a few snapshots taken from the actual work,
imaging for yourself what the actual film will be like...

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Hundred Pacer development---a teaser

so, in order to recieve more feedbacks on the fandom group

An animation teaser was uploaded earlier, available at:

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Animation Work-in-Progress Part3 (voice over, background music)

lip-synching is another one difficult thing to accomplish. Fortunately, there's only a few characters in the story that need voice-over. I, of course, would lip-synch the father, and Muni, I had to ask a friend of mine to do me a favor. So what I did is to pre-write all the lines that Muni needs to speak, and have my friend (a woman) to reherse by herself over and over. This is definitely not an easy task, since the lip-synching process has to be fully emotion evolved.

Animation Work-in-Progress Part2 (where is mom?)

For those who have read the storyboard patiently, you should be wondering what happen to Muni's mother now...well, the thing is, there's just too much work to illustrate every character in Flash, therefore, very unfortunately the mother is terminated in the animation version (she will not appear in the story)

Let's have a look at what it looks like in Flash:
The thing is, in actual animation everything is more delicate, and in color of course, thus taking more time. unfortunately for Muni's mom, she is not going show up in this film...

Animation Work-in-Progress

So with the storyboard being finalized, my animation has gotton started immediately. However, to animate my story in sequences is a whole different story; it's a lot difficult to do since it requires movements illustrated frame by frame accordingly. Anyway, I started out with animating the main characters that appear in the story:

Muni: the protagonist before she is reborn into a superhuman figure. A very ordinary girl. Note her features have been made to match a Paiwanese look, i.e, dark skintoned, black straight hair.

Muni's father: Muni's father illustrated as a 50-up old guy:

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


ok, based on the beat-scripted screenplay on the last thread,
here is how it looks like in storyboard...

follow this link:

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Beat-scripting my screenplay for storyboard

I had several conversations with Simon, my tutor, regarding how to write my screenplay,
so here is what he suggested: using beat-script method, which is scripting aid for short animation. The format is to create a list where all story actions described in a short sentence are listed accordingly from time to time.

So here is the beatscripting screenplay for my storyboard:

Hundred Pacer---Beatscript
1. driving rain hits the roof of a village hut;
2. inside Muni is having dinner with her family;
3. he is laughing from a joke that Muni has told;
4. Muni says “Happy Father’s Day” to an old man sitting across the table, her father;
5. suddenly a loud roar can be heard!
6. the sound thunders –shaking the house;
7. “Must be the some construction work going on again, said her father;”
8. Muni replies gently with smile: “I’ll just go check it out;”
9. Muni walks through the door and is just ready to step out;
10. Thud! Windows and wall blow apart;
11. a blast of wind pushes her from behind;
12. She turns around;
13. as if in slow motion;
14. She witnesses a shocking scene
15. She screams: “Dad!”
16. Tons of rolling mud coming from nowhere;
17. She sees her father being swept away in front of her eyes!
18. along with her family members;
19. who struggle against the torrent;
20. Muni runs back to house;
21. The ground shakes and suddenly cracks up;
22. The wall is cracked by mudslide that rolls away with half of the house;
23. Muni dodges the broken rooftops falling on her;
24. But Muni falls into a crack, and her leg is trapped;
25. she struggles against the force but doesn't have the strength;
26. Muni feels great pain in her legs;
27. a blast of dust covers her;
28. she coughs and chokes;
29. She tries to crawl out of the mud, but her hands are like paralyzed, not moving;
30. She tries to lift her legs up, but only realizes that her legs are gone;
31. amputated by the crushing pressure;
32. The rain continues incessantly -rinsing off her blood;
33. she loses consciousness and collapses;
34. Muni’s sub-consciousness brings her to the dark ,
35. Vaguely, a pair of enormous eyes shine in the dark, it is a giant snake;
36. The giant snake approaches Muni;
37. Muni is shocked;
38. The snake speaks to her: “Do you want a deal?”
39. Muni replies: “what’s going on, where am I?”
40. The snake says: “You are dead; the mudslide killed your family…”
41. Muni recalls the shocking scene where her parents are rolled away by the mudslide;
42. Muni screams: “Who did this, why?”
43. the snake grins and says: “That’s for you to find out… and I am giving you a chance to do so…”
44. Muni mumbles with tears: “I want my life back, I want my family!”
45. Muni replies: “I want vengeance…”
46. The snake says: “He he he, that’s the spirit, done”
47. The snake opens his giants mouth and swallows the Muni;
48. There is a voice in dark: “My name is Kamavanan, and I shall give you a new life, but in return, you live for me; for that I am your blood, I am your people, and I am your true god…the Hundred Pacer.”
49. Muni ‘s body lies prone on the ground;
50. Hundreds and thousands of little snakes gather together;
51. twisting and writhing onto each other over Muni's body;
52. the snakes overlap and begin to form a shape of a human;
53. as they writhe they begin to form recognisable facial features in Muni's likeness;
54. Muni is reborn in a serpentine form;
55. tattoos etch themselves into her hands (crawling up to her arms);
56. A Hundred Pacer snake-like mark rises on her forehead;
57. Her eyes open, sharp like a snake;
58. she has vengeance in her eyes;
59. she walks away;